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What happened to Funky President???


What the hell happened to my boy Funky President’s tumblr? I just realized that he hasn’t been around for months. His page is gone. That was one of my favorite tumblrs and one of the people that inspired my tumblr. James, wherever you are, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Right here, homie. Appreciate the support — always have — and the respect is mutual. Stay tuned, more on the way…

James (FKA funkyprez)

"Yes sir, I’m cut from a different cloth"

All Navy Everything

Short Jackets: Leather Bombers, Suede Blousons, Denim Truckers, Tone-on-Tone Varsities… Perfecto

G e t  u p  o n  i t

I’ve long held Sig. Squarzi’s effortless style in high esteem. By “effortless”, I’m not mining a tired cliche — his mix of tailored and casual is a personal ideal, punctuated by Sprezz flourishes that seem natural and authentic, never forced. Encountering him in person was an honor and an inspiration.

Ph: Schuman, Ton

Japanese-print bomber jacket

Girlfriend in a Coma came on the other day, and I wondered why Morrissey isn’t more of a style reference despite his popularity. His style résumé can still bear currency today…

Tweedy coats and cool-guy specs. White denim. Sprezzy collars and aviators. Western shirts. Air ties and half-tucks. The Man-Brooch (OK, maybe not the man-brooch (mooch?) but this was the 80s).

And #Menshair.  Lots and lots of #Menshair.